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Post Prize Prized Post

Even the postman was excited to delivering this, eager to know why everyone at home was captivated by the tube he held in his hands. To celebrate winning the Klaus Flugge Prize I treated myself to artwork by Bjorn Rune Lie. Shortly after I proceeded to vomit, not from excitement, a sickness bug. Now that I've recovered It seems like a good time to share this interview with Jacob Hope on the CILIP blog, since Bjorn Rune Lie's name springs up while we discussed which illustrators work is particularly important to me. Amongst other things we discuss humour in picture books and what I'll be searching for as a Klaus Flugge Prize Judge next year.

"When an artist is lost in the moment wonderfully authentic things happen. It’s thrilling to see someone embrace spontaneity and take risks with their work. It’s great to see moments of unfiltered passion. Moments might be the keyword because those moments need to be cradled carefully to communicate eloquently. Light and shade (or yin and yang) add depth to a story. It’s wonderful when a picture book attains that ‘perfect’ balance."

Thanks to CILIP for the interview, thanks to Bjorn Rune Lie for the most exciting post, and thanks to the Klaus Flugge Prize for helping me invest in my first piece of artwork!


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