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Winning the Klaus Flugge Prize 2022

My quiff wasn't perfect, but the evening was. The excitement was disorientating, rest assured I was in good hands, the event was filled with people deeply invested in children's picture books. And when that's the case, you're in good company! The shortlisted books are stunning, diverse in style, each scrumptious and unique. I adore Adam Beer's drawing (his sketchbooks are to die for). Roozeboos' colours are delicious (you can see her playful process here). Padmacandra's artwork is full of magic with a dreamlike quality. The page design in Flora Delargy's book is dynamic, the variety of ways she shares information is captivating. And Ricky Trickartt's Alley Cat Rally is teeming full of inventive wit.

It was an honour to stand along side such talented individuals. And in such an important place, the Centre For Literacy In Primary Education.

Short-listees photographed below (left to right) Roozeboos with Choices, Padmacandra with The Tale of the Whale, myself with Pierre's New Hair, (then we have the main man Klaus Flugge), Ricky Trickartt with Alley Cat Rally, Adam Beer with Mammoth, and Flora Delargy with Rescuing Titanic.

Judges Flavia Z Drago and Emily Gravett (pictured below) shared kind words of encouragement.

I'll be sharing more from the Klaus Flugge Prize, and more about Pierre's New Hair. To kick things off please enjoy the video below revealing the winner of the Klaus Flugge Prize 2022;


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